“The Black and White Dozen” in Weirdbook

The negatives were buried deep underground in an archive of such atrocity, their eventual discovery will haunt the nightmares of whatever institution is tasked with cataloguing them. Some things—no matter how many generations old they are—will never be fit for museum display.  (Excerpt from “The Black and White Dozen”).

Family inheritance, snuff photography, and cute cats collide in this short tale appearing in issue #36 of Weirdbook.


Weirdbook #36 also contains stories by L.F. Falconer, Gillian French, Franklyn Searight, Dead Macallister, C.C. Adams, James Pratt, Megan Neumann, D.C. Lozar, Mb Vigil, Kelly Gould, Joe Dicicco, Richard Stevenson, Matt Sullivan, William Tea, Gigi Eng, W.D. Clifton, S.L. Edwards, Neal Privett, C.M. Muller, and Jeremy Hayes.

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