“Auntie Una’s Deathbed” in The Fiddlehead

One day, someone will make a movie about Auntie Una’s heroics. All our neighbours say so. Hollywood will change her name to avoid having to pay her, but Auntie Una does not care. She hasn’t been to the movies since 1987. According to Auntie Una, “After Bette Davis died there was no reason to bother making any more movies.” -excerpt from “Auntie Una’s Deathbed”.

Auntie Una Deathbed

The story of Auntie Una’s deathbed (a close relative of Auntie Linda’s farm) appears in the winter issue of The Fiddlehead, alongside short fiction by Bipin Aurora, Elly M. Graff, Richard Kelly Kemick, Brad Hartle, Michael Meagher, and Andrew Rai Berzins.

When I begin sending work out nearly ten years ago, The Fiddlehead was the first journal to ever respond positively towards my writing. Those encouraging words helped to keep me focused on working and  improving, so it feels very rewarding to now appear in the magazine.

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