“Throat Full of Pigeon” in Black Dandy

“Is the rabbit alive the whole time it’s being eaten?” Oscar asked, sounding concerned.

Bianca pulled the heavy sheets from his chin so he wouldn’t sweat in the night. “I think the rabbit knows it’s caught, so he closes his eyes and goes to sleep, that way he can pass away relaxed and at peace instead of thrashing around and suffering.” (Excerpt from “Throat Full of Pigeon”)

DSC_0842 2

“Throat Full of Pigeon” appears in issue #2 of Black Dandy, a New Zealand based publication dedicated to “surrealism, and the otherwise strange”.

This story is partially inspired by Victoria school in St. Catharines, where the infamous flagpole scene in A Christmas Story (1983) was shot. New houses now sit on that location, and whenever I drive past, I wonder if the people who live there every watch A Christmas Story, and if so, do they realize the images they’re seeing happened in the exact space they are now occupying.

Also featuring writing by Soramimi Hanarejima, Addy Evenson, Thomas Kearnes, James Rowland, Jay Caselberg, Jennifer Benningfield, Tom Weller, Michelle Willms, and Matthew Lyons.

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