Enchanting Antiques

“Everything in the painting has sold, expect for the clown, I keep him in my bedroom.”

Enchanting Antiques

So tells me the owner of Enchanting Antiques, whose building displays the finest piece of public art in all of St. Catharines. Atmospheric, quietly creepy.

I first saw the old toy mural when I was seven or eight, riding my bike to Memory Lane comics. It would have been fresh then, having been created by the owner’s son in 1983. The toys in the mural were all items from inside the store. All but one now purchased. I wonder how many are still in someone’s collection, and how many have passed on to the dump.

The artist has a second painting inside the store, depicting the exterior of the house owned by TV’s The Waltons.

I worry one day Enchanting Antiques will slip away, and the lot will be sold. Will the mural be preserved when the building is torn down? It’s so large, finding a new home will be difficult, so I am doubtful.

Because of this, whenever driving by with friends, I insist we stop to appreciate this gorgeous image, and enjoy the moment while it is still here. No one has been disappointed by it yet.


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