“According to My Sisters” in FreeFall


No one believed Mom’s story about Dad’s disappearance; that he and Roman were off on one of their fishing trips. According to her, the boys were having a great time, caught up in the excitement, enjoying good food and good drink and the company of beautiful women (whom Dad only looked at, never touched unless they were dancing). Like all fishing trips, he’d return with a pocketful of money and an armload of gifts.

“Dad must be in jail,” my older sister said. “The only reason he’d been gone so long is ’cause he’s locked up.” (Excerpt from “According to My Sisters”)

The young sisters Lot take turns inventing stories to explain the temporary disappearance of their beloved father in “According to My Sisters”, which appears in FreeFall Volume XXVIII Number 2, alongside stories by Neil Griffin, Betty Jane Hegerat, Travis Oltman, and Shelly Wood, and poetry by Jill Boettger, Barry Dempster, Bruce Meyer, Vincent Potter, gillian harding-russell, Kelly Shepherd, K.V. Skene, Carol Harvey Steski, and Keith Worthington.

Amusingly, the newspaper article about the chainsaw accident from “House Next Door to Me” makes a cameo appearance in “According to My Sisters”.

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