Listen to “Whaling With Clowns” at Gallery of Curiosities podcast

While clowns have been used since the earliest days of whaling, no man knows for certain how a clown singlehandedly slaughters a whale. When the enormous beasts float belly up to the surface, their bodies never reveal injury. The whales die pristine, beatific even, like Saints. The body of a whale killed by a clown does not decay, no matter how long you leave it hoisted astern. The nautical museum at New Bedford displays a sperm whale killed by Moosecorn the Clown in 1873. Fifteen years later, the specimen has yet to show the slightest hint of decomposition. (excerpt from “Whaling With Clowns”)

In a world where clowns are the most successful tools of whale hunting, a doomed ship makes a terrible mistake. Performed by Isaiah Plovnick on the Gallery of Curiosities podcast, “Whaling With Clowns” originally appeared in the anthology Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix.

Available to listen or download HERE: 

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